what i love about hand crafted…

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2010 at 9:07 am

is that it doesn’t matter why you did it.. or what someone might do with it after you make it. it’s about the idea that came to mind, the process in which you the owner of two hands came to the end product, and the reaction of those who will encounter your piece. i have often struggled with the idea that somehow making something with your hands is secondary work… only left to the unskilled and the uneducated. i have met many an educated person whom which never learned to thread a sewing machine. or who know how to repair a broken toy. at first i would throw my hands in the air and declare what a loss! but as we all can’t (or wouldn’t want to be) doctors, not all of us can be craftilly(someone help me please!) inclined. don’t get me wrong, i am completely scared with the state of our human animal to “make it’s own tools” for survival, but in a way it does bestow a bit of higher achievement to know that when the world goes to shit i will be able to charge $200/hour to knit a sweater… 🙂

(spider hat is from christine grant’s etsy shop @ (click here)


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