In Uncategorized on November 3, 2009 at 9:52 am

today i had a bit of a crisis… went to collect love letters and discovered that the rosary was gone… anyone on my facebook was privy to the drama… i shouldn’t get so mad.. no matter how beautiful an object it is still just an object.  i think that it is the idea… even though this is one piece at the library it is something that i poured everything into.  and it means so much to me… really, when i see someone who is grieving for a child or a husband (of wife) it breaks me… i can imagine what that is like and the reality is that we are all just a moment away from that situation… and so this altar is sacred to me and to think that some one doesn’t see it the same way hurts..  i feel violated that something was taken from this sacred space… it’s like something is missing now.  but again it is only a object, i can not (or should not) pass judgment on the person who took it… perhaps they really needed me it was just a symbol.. to someone else it may have been salvation… this has been harder than i thought it would be…


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