lost love is up!

In Uncategorized on October 29, 2009 at 4:40 am

lost love

ok so my plan to take all these pics and walk everyone through the process just didn’t work… i think to really accomplish this i need a staff photographer. 🙂 … the truth is, i am not one to be able to stop in the middle of it all to take a picture, when i am in it i am in it! so here we are. the piece is up and i have been visiting it everyday. it is kind of strange… i miss it. taking up my studio, seeing the pieces every morning, dragging half sewn bits to work..hoping for a few moments here and there to get just a few stitches farther. so i have been visiting it, and i have been collecting the letters that have been left for lost loves. some are just acknowlegements of a loved one, some are people that aren’t taking it seriously, but some are true letters to those that have passed. the ones that are particluarly moving are the letters to loved ones who have taken their own lives. i wasn’t even thinking of this when i was making the piece and it has taken me totally off guard. maybe in a good way….


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